Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spring 2012 New Student Orientation

Tuesday was the new student orientation of the spring 2012 semester at Moraine Park’s West Bend campus. Four other club members and I came to represent the Web Developer Club. It was nice to see them again after nearly a month being apart. We talked to new students about the benefits of being in a club, and we had some people who are interested in joining our club.

The poster I made listed some of the benefits of joining the Web Developer Club. What all clubs have in common is that they are a place to network with people and make friends. Our club emphasizes learning about web-related topics that may not be covered in class. We’ve had the opportunity to learn from professional guest speakers who are in the field and know what it’s like to work with clients. They were able to give us a few tips before we begin our internship hours. The club is a good place to get leads on those internships or possible jobs. If you’re a student and haven’t looked into joining a club associated with your program yet, you should take a look:

To all those beginning their academic adventure at Moraine Park Technical College this spring I would like to say welcome, good luck, and enjoy every moment because it’ll be graduation time before you know it!

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