Monday, December 5, 2011

Application of Knowledge Outside of Class

My instructor, who is one of the instructors of the IT-Web Designer/Developer program at Moraine Park Technical College, told us we need to do more than the homework assigned to us. We need to practice and learn things on our own if we really want to be the best at what we do. This semester I’ve realized I have been using what I’ve learned in class outside of the classroom and class assignments.

I volunteer in an office setting where I use a computer on a regular basis. While volunteering at an organization I was interested in, I was able to offer my time and skills. In return I’ve learned about office culture, and I’m able to apply what I’m learning in my classes. Frequently I use programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Without realizing it, I’ve developed a good understanding of file structures. I was able to comprehend how this office file structure works. My files on my personal computer are also very organized. I never have to wonder where I’ve saved something. If you’ve ever spent time looking for a file because you don’t remember where you put it or what you named it, you know how much time that can eat up.

This blog has been an excellent resource for applying what I’ve learned in my classes. This semester I learned how to save files for the web so the file size is smaller (for faster download time) while maintaining quality. I’ve been able to create my own images and graphics and edit them. I’ve used my textbook to look something up that I had forgot how to do.

On my own time I’ve been able to create things in Photoshop for fun and share them with my friends. The more I practice, the easier it becomes, and the more fun it becomes. During winter break I’m sure I’ll be working on some kind of fun project. If I put some thought into it, it could become my next portfolio piece.

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